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Armchair History

Welcome to my website where you can find articles and books of historic interest.
Some have been written from my lecture notes or stem from my interest in the topics
Many of these publications are scarce or hard to come by and have been recreated from  poor quality originals or copies  in order to preserve them and make them more widely available . .

I have had a long and abiding interest in all things historical. As a child I lived in that part of Kent where the chalk ,sand and gravel came together and it was the gravel beds at Barnfield which revealed the bones of Swanscombe man and the items of prehistoric interest. Sabre tooth Tiger and Bears teeth, Flint tools and home to Barney and Stig of the Dump,for schoolboys such dreams are made of .
Having read extensively over the years and participated in archeological digs and been involved in various history projects, the accumulation of notes and articles leads naturally to an attempt to put some order into the chaos, hence the compiling and writing of various booklets and articles on a wide variety of topics which are presented via this website as pdf  files for reading on line or downloading .
It is an eclectic mix
I  hope you find something of interest. Peter