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Sites Finds and Monuments Records for the Llyn Peninsula  and some Historic book recreations for north Wales and General history
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 History Books, Articles & Websites

Many of these publications  are  scarce or hard to come by  and have been recreated from  poor quality originals or copies  in order to preserve them and make them more widely available .

Some have been written  from  my lecture notes or stem from my interest in the topics .

Some PDF Books

Facsimile and re-creations

Lead mines of Penrhn Du .Abesroch

The Roman Invasion of north Wales

Abersoch a tourist guide  c 1930

For Valour the Victoria Cross WW1 1914-15

Pennants the Tribes of North Wales

The County Families of North Wales

Llanaelhearn School Book  1847

Toxophilus  by Roger Ascham 1569

Some Knights of north Wales

The Dark ages

R.W. Kents  Reg diary extracts  WW1

The Royal West Kents

A Diary Extract from the Regimental Diaries 1914.With additional material compiled from archive and personal sources

Royal West Kents Diary


Welcome to my Sites Finds and Monuments Site.This programme is dedicated to the ancient monuments and historic sites to be found on the Llyn Peninsula , north Wales.

Book List

Wars of the rose Roses & the rise of the Tudors